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2022 Calendar

High quality 16 page calendar featuring pictures submitted by VMCC members Including free delivery!!

Best & LLoyd Oil Sight Glass and Gasket Kit

Part No 54-462 Best+Lloyd type 2mm thick ,36mm diameter Oil Sight Glass and gasket kit. 36 mm diameter Oil Sight Glass- hardened glass, polished edges 2 mm thick upper gasket made from neoprene impregnated cork 1 mm thick base gasket made from neoprene impregnated cork Three sets of gaskets per kit (6 gaskets in total) Only one set of gaskets are required for the installation. The other two sets are spares for the future

Best+Lloyd Oil Pump Tank/Pump gasket

Part No.58-462 Best +Lloyd oil pump Tank/Pump gasket. the “ L56 Joint washer” Fits the more usual standard “1 inch” type of pump with the tube style oil sight glass, which went into production circa 1914,and the later style with the 36mm diameter disc type sight glass that went into production circa 1922/1923 “Three holes” footprint to take the three off 3BA fixing screws.

Genuine Amal Mk1 StayUp Float & Needle Valve Kit

MK1 StayUp Float & Aluminium Needle Valve Kit For all 600 and 900 Concentric Carbs

HEADLAMP BEAM UNIT 7" - Lucas Without pilot aperture

Genuine Lucas Classic 7" BPF Headlamp Beam Unit without pilot aperture.

Oil Drip Calibration Disc

The oil drip calibration disc (regulator disc) fitted into the recess in the top of the regulating valve screw of both the early style of Best +Lloyd oil pump , with the tubular oil sight glass, and the later type with the 36 mm diameter disc type oil sight glass . Suitable for such pumps where the original disc was the non-metallic type The disc is engraved and has an Ivory hue For pre-1922 pumps, consider using disc part number 64-462

Protex Stretch Outdoor Bike Cover (Oxford Products)

Protex Stretch Outdoor Bike Cover (Oxford Products)
From £95.00


Replica Wipac S2370 Stop Switch.

Two Wheels To War Martin and Nick Shelley

A Fascinating insight into the lives of First World War despatch riders

Velocette. Passion of a Lifetime by Ivan Rhodes

The new book by Ivan Rhodes for all Velocette enthusiasts.

VMCC Bike Wash 1L

VMCC Bike Wash in handy 1lt spray bottles

Tappet Adjustment tool Triumph,BSA,Norton

Ideal for use with Triumph,BSA,Norton models with 5/16" tappet screws.