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IGNITION SWITCH - Lucas (Body Only)

Genuine Lucas Classic ignition/light switch.
As fitted on Triumph BSA Norton.
4 Position switch - Park, Off, Ignition, Ignition + Lights.
Lock and Keys available separately as WW10145

IGNITION SWITCH – Lucas Switch body 30608.

Lucas Classic Ignition Switch body 30608. As used on many late 1960's/early 1970's models,

Ignition Switch (Body Only) T140

Genuine Lucas Classic 35351 Ignition/Lighting switch.
As fitted to :-1979 -80 Triumph T140 etc
Lucas Ignition Lock and Keys available separately as WW10145

Ignition Switch

Lucas 88SA LU34427B ignition switch. As fitted to BSA C15,B44,B40 models etc

Replica Wipac ignition switch S0782. Fits BSA Bantam.

Replica Wipac ignition switch S0782. Fits BSA Bantam etc

Wipac Light Switch

Replica Wipac lighting switch S0781. Fits BSA Bantam D7,D10,D14 models, AJS lightweight singles and Norton Jubilee,Navigator models.

Ignition/Light Switch

Genuine Lucas Classic PLC6 ignition/switch. OFF-SIDE-HEAD, requires 53mm diameter hole and secures in place with clip. Screw type wire connections, and supplied with 2 keys. OEM: LU34055,PLC6

Ignition/Light Switch Lucas PLC5

Genuine Lucas PLC5 ignition and lighting switch. As fitted to numerous Classic motorcycles from 1930's to 1950's, including :- Enfield 500cc twins, Sunbeam S7,S8 500cc models and all Triumph models (1939). OEM: LU34057,PLC5

Genuine Lucas 2 Position 57SA Toggle Switch

Genuine Lucas Classic 2 Position 57SA Toggle switch 31780.

Head Lamp Panel

Replica Lucas headlamp panel complete with switch and ammeter.

Light Switch

Genuine Lucas 88SA lighting switch. As fitted to BSA C15,B40,B44 etc, and Triumph 3TA.

Light Switch

Replica Lucas 41SA lighting switch. As fitted to many 1960's motorcycles including BSA A7,A10 Rocket Goldstar B31,B33 ,AJS/Matchless, Triumph Pre-Unit and early Nortons.

Lucas Switch Knob 54330934

Genuine Lucas Classic Switch knob for 88SA lighting switch, black plastic.
OEM: LU54330934,88SA

Replica miller 3 potion Headlamp switch

Replica Miller 3 position headlamp switch. Dim/Off/Full. 8 terminal with chrome bezel. Requires 2" mounting hole. As fitted to Vincent, Velocette, Rudge and some Royal Enfield models.

Switch Base Plate

Chrome switch base plate for 41SA switches, 1-3/8"

Toggle Switch Lucas 3 Position (31788)

Classic 3 Position Toggle Switch 57SA 31788. As fitted to numerous Norton, BSA and Triumph models.

Head Lamp Switch Lucas U39

Replica Lucas U39 lighting switch. Off/Low/High. Retaining Clip available WW10115c

Head Lamp Switch U39

Lucas U39 (Replica)

Wire Retaining Clip To Suit Lucas U39 Switch

Hold's Lucas Switch Firmly in Place

Dip/Horn and Stop Switch

Replica Wipac Tricon dip/horn and stop switch.

Dip/Horn Switch Ducon

Replica Wipac Ducon dip/horn switch. As fitted to Norton Fastback models (1968-70), BSA A50,A65,B44 models.

Chrome Miller type horn/dip switch

Chrome Miller type horn/dip switch (157HV)

DIP Switch

Genuine Lucas Dip switch with diamond shaped lever, as fitted as OE to many early British Motorcycles (1936-55). Includes bracket and fixing screws.