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Tachometer - Triumph/BSA/Norton 1978 onwards. Veglia Type, Black face. Drive Ratio 4 - 1

BSA/Norton (1978 onwards)/Triumph Tachometer (Wassell)
£62.15 £20.00

Mounting bracket tacho/speedo

Chrome Speedometer Mounting Bracket for the small Smiths speedo (60mm). As fitted to Triumph T25,TR5T and BSA B25,B50 models (1971-73)
£12.50 £6.50

rubber binnacle - BSA B25/B50 / Triumph speedometer and tachometer mounting

BINNACLE - BSA/TRIUMPH Rubber binnacle for BSA/Triumph with small diameter speedometers and tachometers. 2-1/2". This binnacle fits in the chrome bracket that is retained by the fork top nut. It fit's the small 60mm clocks used on late Triumph/BSA singles (1971-) such as T25SS,T25T and all the BSA B25 and B50 variants.
£5.75 £2.50