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Tank Badges

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T/Badge Triumph - 1970's to 1980's (Pair)

Pair of Die cast Chrome plated tank badges for Triumph T100/T120/T140/T150/TR6/TR7 models. (1967-79). Unpainted

Tank Badge Triumph - T90/T100/T120 (1966-68). (Pair)

Pair of Metal Badges for Triumph 500/650cc models T90/T100/T120 (1966-68).

Tank Badges Triumph (82-9700/9701) - 1960's 1970's (Pair)

Pair of Tank Badges For UK and USA spec Triumph Bonneville T120/TR6 tanks (1967-79) and USA spec T140 models. Die Cast And Enamelled Cream/Black.

Triumph Metal Tank Badge - (Pair)

Single Triumph Tank Badge logo 6" Chrome plated Suitable for Triumph T140, T160 (1978 onwards).

Triumph Tank Badge - 1950's - 1960's (Pair)

Triumph Tank Badge - 1950's-1960's (Pair)

BSA Pear Shaped Tank Badges

Pair of BSA Pear shaped tank badges (1958-67) plastic. Red/Gold.

BSA Badge Rubber Pear Shape (pair)

Pear shaped rubber backing, sold in pairs. These rubbers help prevent the plastic badges cracking. As fitted to all BSA models fitted with the pair shaped badges. Rubber Moulded: Yes Sold in Pairs: Yes

T/Badge B40/Bantam (pair)

For BSA Bantam & B40

T/Badge G/Star Black (pair)

Pair of BSA Round tank badges with GoldStar logo, 4" plastic (1949-58). Black/Gold.

T/Badge G/Star Red (pair)

Pair of BSA Round Tank badges with GoldStar Logo (1949-58) 4". Red/Gold.

T/Badge P/Arms Red (pair)

Pair of BSA 3" round tank badges with logo and piled arms in red, white and gold (1957-1962) As fitted on BSA C11, C12, M20, M21, B31, B33, A7, A10


BSA Tank Badge Mounting Kit. This kit includes a pair of black clips, 4 screws and 4 nuts. Fits most BSA round tank badges!

Tank Badges BSA Of A65 60-2568 Pair

Pair of BSA Oil in Frame A65/A70 Metal winged tank badges (1970-72).

fork badge (Pair)

Fork Badges - Norton Pair of Norton roadholder fork badges including fixing rivets.

Pair of Red Ariel Round Tank Badges with Red background.

Pair of Red Ariel Round Tank Badges with Red background.

Pair of Yellow Ariel Round plastic tank badges

Pair of Yellow Ariel Round plastic tank badges

TANK BADGE - Matchless

Pair of Matchless badges in the shape of the logo (1948-51), chrome plated. Sold in pairs.