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Ariel Square Four Ltd Ed. 1948-59

Detailed reports covering post-war Square Fours manufactured up to 1959
£16.00 £5.00


A pioneering Manx motorcyclist
£13.15 £5.00

At the Drop of the Flag (Book)

Book- At The Drop Of The Flag - Ernie Crust Softback (Iota Publishing)
£8.15 £3.00

Bert Houlding: TT Pioneer

Book- Bert Houlding: TT Pioneer - Paul Ingham Softback (Ilkley Racing Books)
£16.65 £5.00

Classic British Legends

Book- Classic British Legends: James Robinson 'Bookazine'

Classic Superbikes 2 by Frank Melling

A classic superbike is a motorcycle which has universal appeal, regardless of your age or riding experience. It's the bike you dream of riding – even if you're a non-motorcyclist. Bikes like this are inspirational and their stories need to be told with passion, enthusiasm and flair. These are not bikes for the measured tone and the meticulous recording of fuel consumption figures. Classic superbikes are about laying your life, or marriage, on the line just for the chance to ride one. In this second volume devoted to the world's finest motorcycles, Frank Melling returns to the garages wherein dwell some of the most powerful and unruly beasts ever to stalk the world's highways and byways. Paperback: 132 page full colour, perfect bound bookazine. Author: Frank Melling
£9.99 £5.00

Classic Superbikes by Frank Melling

There are many great books about classic motorcycling which are packed with fascinating technical information and critical dates in a bike’s production life. Classic Superbikes isn’t one of them! Instead, these are the stories of bikes which keep you awake at night just thinking about them. There are no sensible machines which you buy just because they are good value and spares are easy to find. These are motorcycles which you dream about riding, the best of the best of the best.
£9.99 £5.00

Croz - Larrikin Biker

Book-Croz: Larrikin Biker - Graeme Crosby Softback(Harper Collins)
£22.15 £5.00

History of World Championship

Volume 1, 1949-1958
£21.99 £5.00

Honda CB650 sohc Fours 1978-84 Haynes Manual

Service and repair manual, see description for models included
£18.53 £5.00

Motorcycle World Champions

Book- Motorcycle World Champions: The Inside Story Of History's Heroes - Michael Scott Hardback (Haynes Publishing)
£24.38 £5.00

Mountain Milestone: 100 years of the TT Mountain course

Book- Mountain Milestone: 100 Years Of The TT Mountain Course - David Wright Softback (Lily Publishing)
£22.49 £5.00

One Mans M/C (Book)

Book- One Man's Motorcycles 1939-1949 - Peter McManus Softback (MEP Publishers)
£15.15 £5.00

Riding Old M/c (Book)

Book-Riding Old Motorcycles - Reg Eyre Softback (Blue Hills Publishing)
£7.15 £3.00

Taking it to the Limit

Includes bonus DVD
£32.61 £5.00

That Mans Bike Again

£15.15 £5.00

The British Motorcycle Story

Book-The British Motorcycle Story - Colin Jackson Hardback (The History Press Ltd)
£9.99 £5.00

The Essential Buyers Guide- Honda SOHC Fours

C8350, C8400F, C8500, C8550, C8550F, C8550K, C8650, C8750, C8750A, C8750F, C8750K 1969-1984
£11.68 £5.00

TT 100 (Book)

For 100 years, the world-famous Isle of Man TT has been the supreme challenge in motorcycle road racing. The Islands tortuous 37.73-mile Mountain Course demands the utmost nerve and skill from competitors, while providing a unique and breathtaking spectacle for onlookers. In this authoritative and official centenary book, Manx-born author Mick Duckworth traces the long and rich history of the races since the first Tourist Trophy was staged in 1907. He not only describes the courageous riders and their fantastic machinery, but looks at the many people behind the scenes, the fans, the TT Festival as a whole and its impact on Island life. Includes the TT stamps bound within the title.

Yamaha XS250, 360 & 400 sohc Twins 1975-84 Haynes Manual

Service and repair manual, see description for models included
£18.53 £5.00