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A Penguin in a Sparrow's Nest./ by Frank Melling

A Penguin in a Sparrow’s Nest is far more than a story about motorcycling and journalism. Instead, it recounts the inspirational journey of a sixteen year old who left his Council House to become a shelf painter and went on to be one of the most prolific motorcycling journalists of his generation with over 1500 articles and 18 books to his name.
£12.99 £8.00

Classic Superbikes 2 by Frank Melling

A classic superbike is a motorcycle which has universal appeal, regardless of your age or riding experience. It's the bike you dream of riding – even if you're a non-motorcyclist. Bikes like this are inspirational and their stories need to be told with passion, enthusiasm and flair. These are not bikes for the measured tone and the meticulous recording of fuel consumption figures. Classic superbikes are about laying your life, or marriage, on the line just for the chance to ride one. In this second volume devoted to the world's finest motorcycles, Frank Melling returns to the garages wherein dwell some of the most powerful and unruly beasts ever to stalk the world's highways and byways. Paperback: 132 page full colour, perfect bound bookazine. Author: Frank Melling
£9.99 £8.00

Classic Superbikes by Frank Melling

There are many great books about classic motorcycling which are packed with fascinating technical information and critical dates in a bike’s production life. Classic Superbikes isn’t one of them! Instead, these are the stories of bikes which keep you awake at night just thinking about them. There are no sensible machines which you buy just because they are good value and spares are easy to find. These are motorcycles which you dream about riding, the best of the best of the best.
£9.99 £8.00

Scrambling For Enthusiastic Beginners. / by Frank Melling

The people in the know always said: “If you can remember the 1960s, then you weren’t there…” This is the tale of the most naïve young man in the universe, ricocheting from one disaster to another in his efforts to grow up – truly, scrambling for an enthusiastic beginner.
£12.99 £10.00

The Flying Penguin / by Frank Melling

More Stories of a Freelance Motorcycling Journalist In “The Flying Penguin”, the second part of his memoirs, Frank goes from 1985 until the present day following the same style of ripping, “Boys Own” yarns which take the reader personally through a remarkable and highly eventful life.
£12.99 £8.00

Velocette. Passion of a Lifetime by Ivan Rhodes

The new book by Ivan Rhodes for all Velocette enthusiasts.

Being There: An Autobiography by Hugh Anderson

Being There: An Autobiography by Hugh Anderson. Softback
£23.93 £12.00

Bert Houlding: TT Pioneer

Book- Bert Houlding: TT Pioneer - Paul Ingham Softback (Ilkley Racing Books)
£16.65 £6.00

Chris Carter at Large – Stories from a lifetime in motorcycle racing

Chris Carter at Large – Stories from a lifetime in motorcycle racing
£16.50 £8.00

Croz - Larrikin Biker

Book-Croz: Larrikin Biker - Graeme Crosby Softback(Harper Collins)
£22.15 £8.00

Jim Redman (Book)

Paperback edition. The incredible rags-to-riches story of one of the world’s greatest motorcycle racers. From humble beginnings to winning six world titles, Jim Redman MBE is one of GP’s most extraordinary characters, and a true legend of motorcycle racing. This book is a fascinating and compelling autobiography. Paperback edition. This autobiography is the incredible rags-to-riches story of one of the world’s greatest motorcycle racers. From humble beginnings in 1930s London, to winning six world titles, Jim Redman MBE is one of GP’s most extraordinary characters, and a true legend of motorcycle racing. After migrating to South Africa, he started his racing career in the mid-fifties, and was awarded an MBE in 1964 – a year that also saw him win three World Championships in a single day, a feat, to this day, matched only by Mike Hailwood. During the mid-60s, Jim was THE man to beat on track, but a bad crash at the ’66 Belgian GP ended his racing career. Following this, Jim was involved in a number of business ventures – including helping his two sons with their own successful sports careers, and owning a champion sire race horse – until, in 1995, he once again took up a career in racing as a Classic Racer and Demonstration Rider. The autobiography of a true GP racing legend One of only two people to win six World Championships Six-time Isle of Man TT winner “I think Jim Redman was a very intelligent pilot [rider] ...” – Giacomo Agostini “In the mid-1960s Jim was the man you had to beat ...” – Phil Read
£19.99 £10.00

Mick Walker - The ride of my life

Book- Mick Walker: The Ride Of My Life - Mick Walker Hardback (Redline Books)
£31.61 £22.00

Mike Hailwood - The Fans Favourite

Book- Mike Hailwood: The Fans Favourite - Mick Walker Softback(The Derby Books Publishing Company Limited)
£19.49 £12.00

Mike The Bike - Again

This book is an inside look behind the scenes at the top-secret planning, build-up, and spectacular success of Mike Hailwood's amazing comeback in 1978, 20 years after his debut at the age of 18. Written by his manager and friend, Ted Macauley, it is also a tribute to a remarkable man. In June 1978, 11 years after he quit Grand Prix motorcycle racing, Mike Hailwood returned to the Isle of Man TT races, probably the most prestigious, and certainly the most demanding, road race in the world. On a privately entered V-twin Ducati he won the Formula One race, beating the works Hondas of Phil Read and the late John Williams, and breaking the lap and race records. It may have seemed a fluke; it was certainly a fairy tale that continued into 1979, when he was fifth in the Formula One race, despite losing top gear and his battery, first in the Senior, and second by only 3.4 seconds in the Classic – probably the finest and closest-fought race the Island has ever seen, Hailwood proved, if anyone doubted, that he was still the greatest motorcycle racer of all time. This book, written by his manager and friend, Ted Macauley, is the account of his dramatic comeback, from the original wild idea to his final race. More than this, though, it is a study of a remarkable man in a remarkable world, and of the races, the machines, and the men who ride them. This edition contains new images and an interview with Pauline Hawthorne.
£14.99 £10.00

One Mans M/C (Book)

Book- One Man's Motorcycles 1939-1949 - Peter McManus Softback (MEP Publishers)
£15.15 £10.00

Tales of Triumph M/C (Book)

A delightful and often humorous account of life with the Triumph motorcycle company in its heyday. Hughie Hancox started work with the Triumph Engineering Company (manufacturer of Triumph motorcycles) in 1954 and, apart from a short break for national service, stayed with the company until its closed in 1974. In his time with Triumph, Hughie worked in the Experimental, Service, Product Road Test, Toolroom, Final Production Assembly and Service Repair Shop departments before joining the staff in the Service Office. He also served as a Technical Writer/Advisor/Customer Relations "Trouble Shooter." Even his National Service was spent with the "White Helmets" motorcycle display team! Here, Hughie tells the story of his life in the famous Meriden factory and of his many adventures with Triumph motorcycles and Triumph people and, by doing so, records the fascinating inside story of one of Britain's greatest motorcycle marques. Stories from the factory shop floor in Triumph’s heyday A great read Many humorous antics recorded Hughie was also a member of The Royal Signals’ Motorcycle Display Team If you love classic Triumph motorcycles, you’ll love this book “Highly recommended” - VMCC magazine “ ... you will enjoy every page.” - Old Bike
£19.99 £15.00

That Mans Bike Again

£15.15 £10.00

Touching the World

A blind woman, 2 wheels, 25,000 miles
£14.15 £8.00