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The Vintage Motor Cycle Club


4" x 2-1/4" x 1"
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Best&Lloyd Oil Pump Tank/Pump gasket

Best +Lloyd oil pump Tank/Pump gasket. the “ L56 Joint washer” Fits the more usual standard “1 inch” type of pump with the tube style oil sight glass, which went into production circa 1914,and the later style with the 36mm diameter disc type sight glass that went into production circa 1922/1923

Douglas Crushable Gaskets

1+3/8-inch X 1+5/8- inch Crushable Copper gaskets with asbestos substitute material inside. The typical Imperial size for your Douglas motorcycle valve port gaskets

Oil Drip Calibration Disc (pre 1922)

Oil drip calibration disc with the frequently used pre-1922 number and lines Font. The oil drip calibration disc (regulator disc) fitted into the recess in top of the regulating valve screw of the Best+Lloyd oil pump with the tubular oil sight glass. Suitable for pumps where the original disc was the non-metallic type. The disc is engraved and has an ivory hue If your pump is Post-1921 consider using the disc Part Nr.57-462