The Vintage Motor Cycle Club

The Vintage Motor Cycle Club

Douglas Crushable Gaskets

1+3/8-inch X 1+5/8- inch Crushable Copper gaskets with asbestos substitute material inside. The typical Imperial size for your Douglas motorcycle valve port gaskets
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4" x 2-1/4" x 1"

Oil Drip Calibration Disc

The oil drip calibration disc (regulator disc) fitted into the recess in the top of the regulating valve screw of both the early style of Best +Lloyd oil pump , with the tubular oil sight glass, and the later type with the 36 mm diameter disc type oil sight glass . Suitable for such pumps where the original disc was the non-metallic type The disc is engraved and has an Ivory hue For pre-1922 pumps, consider using disc part number 64-462

Domed Head Screws. For Calibration Disc Pointer

Domed Head screws 1/8-inch BSW thread,40 threads/per inch Stainless steel Screw A-Thread length 7/32 inch Screw B-Thread length 5/16 inch Two domed head screws are in the kit with a suitable dome profile and dome head diameter for those Best and Lloyd oil pumps with a metal pointer mounted on the disc face