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1 1/4 inch , Best and Lloyd type Tank /Pump gasket

Best +Lloyd oil pump 1+1/4 inch type Tank/Pump gasket The "L56 Joint washer" This 1+1/4 inch size was mainly used on AJS machines. .If you need the 1 Inch size then please refer to our Part number 58-462
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1+1/4 inch, Best and Lloyd type Tank /Pump gasket.

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112x32mm To 1929

Best & Lloyd Pump/Tank Gasket

Best and Lloyd style tank/pump gasket with two holes for the affixing screws and two holes for the pipes. Comprises four gaskets in the kit. The multiple gaskets are so that a preferred total gasket thickness can be achieved.

Best & Lloyd Light Plunger

The Light Plunger-Part Nr. 104-462
Best and Lloyd part number 761.
A brass part which sits on top of the Plunger Spring which pushes the brass Light- Plunger against the base of the Regulating Valve screw wheel.
Suitable for both the early Best and Lloyd oil pumps with the 24mm diameter tubular oil sight glass and the later Post -1923 version with the 36 mm disc type oil sight glass.
It provides a method of maintaining the Regulating Valve screw wheel in the position it has been manually set to so that the oil drip rate is predictable.